Bram Van Oost

Bram Van Oost

Entrepreneur, marketeer, storyteller, totally into technology and startups. Experimenter.
A strategic mind with technical know-how. Universal traveler.

Public speaker on InfoSec, Conversational Customer Experience and VR/AR.

Content creator.

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Insights and articles

VR for the Travel industry

Virtual Reality in Travel

Virtual Reality has the potential to transform how Travel is marketed. Some take-aways from my talk for the Travel Summit by TradeTracker in Amsterdam.


VR for HR, 5 examples

5 examples how VR works for HR

Corporate branding, Recruitment, Onboarding, Retention, Training and education, Safety and compliance. And this is just the beginning.


Ethical Hacking and the GDPR

Switching from macOS to Linux

After switching to Windows for a month, a new switcharoo, this time powered by Dell: Is Linux desktop ready for me to use professionally?


Ethical Hacking and the GDPR

Ethisch Hacken en de GDPR

A talk and blog post in Dutch for #deJuristen:
Ethical Hacking and the GDPR: The Internet's Anti Virus


Samsung Galaxy S7

From macOS to Windows for a month!

Microsoft asked me to switch to Windows 10 on their Surface Pro 4 for a month. What about Terminal? Sketch? Alternative for Coda? Do they have Spotlight? What about my beloved Keynote?


Samsung Galaxy S7

How we phished a 20 Billion Euro company out of 79% of their passwords

In 72 hours, we successfully phished 79% of the targeted people. This is how. And why. Featured on the Medium homepage!


Samsung Galaxy S7

Apple doesn’t care about the power users

What about us, the boys and girls that move around their environment so fast, it’s hard to keep up, using short keys for just about anything, and aren’t afraid of some Terminal?


Samsung Galaxy S7

From iOS, 3 weeks on Android, Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Belgium was so kind as to send me a Galaxy S7 for a few weeks to try out after my iPhone 6S suffered a broken display. Thanks, chaps.



Blockchain for beginners

Blockchain is an encrypted, open, decentralized database, recognized by leading mathematicians, cryptographers and economists around the world.



10 tips for grabbing a stage place on Startup Weekend

Last weekend, I dragged my buddy Rudolf to my third Startup Weekend (first as participator), this time in at the GreenBridge incubator facilities in Oostende, Belgium .



Hashtags for people who shouldn't be using hashtags

If you think nobody will ever use the same hash tag to search for content, or it has no contextual relevance, you're doing it wrong. #thisisnothowitworks #stahp #pls



Two weeks without Google Search

Out of curiosity, I changed the default search engines of my trusty Macbook (Firefox. Yes, deal with it.) and iPhone to an alternative: DuckDuckGo.



The rise of Middleware Companies

Middleware is sometimes called plumbing because it connects two sides of an application and passes data between them. Simply put: they have a business idea, and connect existing technology to make it work.



Bitcoin for Beginners

Bitcoin is: a fully digital currency (a value, like Euro or Yen), with a decentralised, autonomous, mathematical system, without need of financial institutions to approve transactions.


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Die @intidc getting to the point, heerlijk. @tweakers

17:50 Apr 24th
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Closing keynote for the @tweakers InfoSec meetup at @kinepolis Leuven, possibly with more people

17:43 Apr 24th
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Na de eerste afwimpeling bij melding van een vrij ernstige security bug bij @wolters_kluwer de Managing Director aa…

11:24 Apr 24th
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Amai, duidelijk West-Vlaams, maar die praat vlot. - We moeten voor alle kinderen de gepaste gulp zoeken. @radio1be

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Track Record


Marketing Manager & Business Development

Poppr was very early to produce and host high-resolution 360 degree photography, growing to 360 videostrong, virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D.

As the company and the market adoption is growing, I am helping with positioning, marketing & communication, business development and day-to-day operations.


Co-founder, Growth & Marketing

Cloudoki is an international company that specialises in Application Architecture and Development. API-centric, architecture, back-end, front-end, using Open Source technologies. We also facilitate hands-on hackathons and speeddating for startups.

I helped Cloudoki grow to 16 strong, turn-over of 800.000 in two years, working for startups, scale-ups, transitional enterprises, incubators and collaborative organisations.


Founder, Marketing, Communcation & Media

Fastronaut has been my space ship for the last decade. A lab for marketing and communication in a broad sense (branding over web to experience marketing), but also to try, test, succeed or fail, and try some more. My peers understand the name.

Projects and clients have varied from startups to multinationals, producing design, web, applications, interfaces, audio production, video production, etc.

Quinze & Milan

Marketing Manager

Quinze & Milan is an internatinonally renowned design brand, defining themselves as Creators of Atmosphere. Projects and clients ranged from individuals to Disney, Fab, The Andy Warhol Foundation, Red Bull, Eastpak, and many more.

Marketing management included strategy, new website, webshop, extranet for sales tools, product launches, fairs, catalogues, print, collaborations, etc.


Co-founder, Marketing & Communication

KEEOSK was an internationally set up design objects and accessories brand, partnered with a seasoned product designer. It existed for 1.5 years and was part of the Start It @KBC incubator network.

I created the name (unique and all social media accounts), branding, website, webshop, photography, video, presentations and first cooprations with some brands.

Due to the success of Cloudoki, this projects was successfully fridged.

'Co-founder' (well...), Director

Teaming up with master designer Rudolf of Progue, we make/made drone videos for various festivals and private projects.

Tremendous fun and very novel at the time, but it was quickly clear that more professionalism was needed in terms of investments and focus to play in the bigger leagues.


StartupBus Europe 2013

Buspreneur, part of the winning startup team

The StartupBus competition is held across a 3-day bus ride where contestants or "buspreneurs" compete to conceive the best technology startup.

StartupBus is considered the most intense startup competition in the world. Our project helped people reclaim their life from depression, won the competition against 16 teams, and was considered successfully validated by patients, professionals and advisors at Pioneers Festival, Vienna.

Victory video ·


Producer, Performer

SAMTEX was a live audivisual experience around Studio Brussels / Q Music personality Sam De Bruyn, with Jonas Pottie as VJ and myself as performer/producer.

We had an intense few years, playing the majority of national festivals and having releases on iTunes and Spotify.

Mach Media

Digital Expert

Mach Media is a team of Marketing Communications Consultants and Project Managers developing, managing and executing multi-channel strategies for international organizations.

Clients included Arcelor Mittal, EBAA, Embraer, Borderless, Entrada Group, Janssen, NGA, Signature Flight Support and many more.

Across Group

Web Expert

Across Group consisted of Across Technology (co-founded by icon Peter Hinssen), Across Health and Mach Media.

My job included strategic, web and marketing advice, production and support for various international clients. Across Technology has since been acquired by Delaware Consulting.

oneDot only

Project Manager / Mad Hatter

oneDot only was a graphics and web digital agency, the first I worked for.

We did branding, graphic design, web and video production for a variety of clients, like Gent Jazz, Gatewing, VRT or Camping Vlasmarkt.

Radio Host / Producer is an independent city radio station rooted at the University of Gent. It is considered a breeding ground for the bigger stations. We had a show on Friday nights called Boutique Electronique, covering electronic music, party calendar, interviews and contests.

I made the branding, jingles and was one of the resident deejays.


Consultancy and Marketing

For the first four years of my career, I learned the ropes under the wings of Myriade doing consultancy and marketing of FotoWare, a Digital Asset Management system.

Clients ranged from photographers to the big publishers of the country having complex publishing workflows.


Co-founder, organisation, communication

LanScape was the second biggest LAN-party in Belgium (at peak).

The days of huge computer towers, displays the size of small fridges, case modding and low bandwith at home. 650 people gaming, eating and sleeping for 3 days straight in one location, aiming for one of the huge prize pools.