Entrepreneur and intrapreneur

From a very young age I've had and helped projects and small businesses. At this moment with over 20 years of mileage, I grow my, and my clients' businesses as an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur, helping with innovation, transformation, marketing, communication and product.

Oculus Go

Marketing Manager · CMO

With over 20 years of professional experience working for small projects to huge international companies, and my love for connecting storytelling to value, I help people, startups and businesses with their why, how and what, marketing and communication.

Marketing manager

Keynote speaker

I love giving talks on InfoSec, The Conversational Customer Experience and Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Mixed reality, applied to a wide variety of industries.

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Bram Van Oost Talking

Content producer

Storytelling in the form of text, photography, video, and always experimenting with new ways to convey a message or trigger a reaction. I love experimenting, usually a bit technical and nerdy, sometimes not eating for ten days. Check out my Medium, Instagram and pseudo-portfolio.

Camaro in Florida

Can I help you?

I help people with good ideas to multinationals and anything in between. I move fast and love innovation.
I'm based in Ghent, Belgium and operate globally.

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